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About PRIDE Clubs

Service-oriented PRIDE Clubs give students a chance to be part of the PRIDE initiative. PRIDE Club members learn about the environment in fun ways, such as mentoring to younger students and performing community service. The clubs are a great way to fulfill community service hours, if required for graduation.

All schools in the region are invited to organize and register a PRIDE Club. Registered PRIDE Clubs are required to participate in the following:

  • A Spring Cleanup Event
  • The school’s Environmental Education Grant project/activity if the school is receiving a PRIDE Environmental Education Grant during the academic year
  • An activity of the club’s choice, with an emphasis on mentoring to peers.

PRIDE Club funding varies annually based on funding availability.

For more information about starting and operating a PRIDE Club please call the PRIDE office at 888.577.4339 or email PRIDE.

PRIDE Club Manual & Registration Form

Click here to access the 2018-19 PRIDE Club Manual (PDF)

Click here to access the PRIDE Club Registration Form (PDF)

PRIDE Club Contest/Project

PRIDE often sponsors a region-wide contest or project for PRIDE Clubs. The contests and projects are designed to give students an opportunity to fulfill their roles in the PRIDE mission while assisting teachers in their environmental education programs.

View the previous PRIDE Club Contest winners

Suggested Activities for PRIDE Clubs

  • Organize a cleanup of the school grounds
  • Adopt a mile of highway in the county to keep clean
  • Start a peer mentoring program by utilizing the outlined curriculum
  • Adopt a section of a nearby stream to keep clean
  • Organize a school fair about PRIDE and protecting the environment
  • Develop a nature walk that includes a brochure about the plants along the route
  • Conduct a PRIDE poem or essay contest
  • Conduct a PRIDE poster and calendar contest. (Remember, your PRIDE Club account can be used for the materials)
  • Make PRIDE art using recycled materials
  • Make a video about PRIDE in your school
  • Write and record a song about PRIDE
  • Start a recycling program in your school or community then use the money from recycling for other PRIDE Club activities
  • Paint trashcans with the PRIDE logo and place around town to collect trash
  • Create a web site about your PRIDE Club
  • Participate in a water-testing program
  • Tour the local water treatment plant to learn about how water is treated and cleaned
  • Have a debate about environmental issues
  • Develop a PRIDE trivia game based on environmental questions
  • Invite guest speakers to your meetings to discuss current environment issues in the community.
    Some ideas for speakers include:

    • PRIDE staff
    • Local PRIDE Coordinator
    • Forestry Service representative
    • Mayor or County Judge/Executive
    • Agriculture Extension Agent
    • Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources representative
  • Write your federal and state legislators to find out what they are doing on specific environmental issues or to show your support for an issue
  • Write and perform a play about PRIDE
  • Interview community leaders about PRIDE activities in your county and produce a newsletter
  • Paint murals to brighten up city streets


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