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Brief program descriptions are below. For more details, click the program title.

Environmental Education Grant Program

The PRIDE Environmental Education Grant program supports projects that help young people understand the importance of a clean environment, personal responsibility and community pride.  Projects emphasize hands-on activities, and students are encouraged to share their lessons and serve their communities.

The one-year grants are available through an application process to schools, nonprofit organizations and other educators in the 38 counties served by PRIDE.

The grant value varies annually, based on available funds.  A monetary or in-kind match is required.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 531 Program

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a founding partner in the PRIDE initiative, administers the Section 531 program. Funds are available for wastewater projects that:

  • Demonstrate innovative wastewater treatment approaches,
  • Serve rural areas not likely to be addressed in the near future by other traditional funding sources, or
  • Have secured funding from other sources but still need a small amount of financial assistance to be implemented

This program awards 75% of the project’s cost, and the grant recipient must provide the remaining 25%.

Eligible applicants are counties, cities, wastewater utilities and nonprofit organizations in the 5th Congressional District.  Please note that this program is available only to counties in the 5th Congressional District, not the entire PRIDE service area.

Community Grant Program

The PRIDE Community Grant program is designed to support local efforts to clean our land and water resources. The program encourages community and citizen involvement in projects in order to promote personal responsibility for the environment.

Eligible applicants are counties, cities, other public entities and nonprofit organizations.

The grants can be used for a variety of environmental improvement projects, such as disposing of trash collected during community cleanup events, removing illegal dumps, appliance buy-back programs, recycling programs, wetland construction, certain equipment purchases and other environmental restoration projects.

Homeowner Septic System Grant Program

The goal of the PRIDE Homeowner Septic System Grant program is to give low-income homeowners the opportunity to replace their straight pipes, outhouses or failing septic systems with sanitary wastewater treatment systems, which are required by state and federal laws. The program is based on PRIDE’s founding principle that each resident of southern and eastern Kentucky is personally responsible for the environment. PRIDE helps people who want to act responsibly but cannot afford to do so.

Wastewater Construction Grant Program

The PRIDE Wastewater Construction Grant Program funds extension of sewer lines from existing wastewater treatment plants into communities without sewer service. These grants cover 100% of project costs. There is no minimum or maximum grant amount, and no matching funds are required. Counties, cities and wastewater utilities are eligible for grants.

The project area must be covered by a mandatory sewer use ordinance. PRIDE contracts with USDA Rural Development to administer these grants, so all Rural Development policies and guidelines apply.

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