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Approved Book List

When you request to purchase books with a PRIDE Environmental Education Grant, please try to find books from this approved list. However, we understand that new books are constantly becoming available and our list will need updating periodically. This book list was created from the materials requested by past grant recipients and from suggestions by non-formal and formal educators.  If you would like to purchase a book not included on this list, PRIDE must give prior approval.

Review the Approved Book List

When you click the link below, the document will open in a window that allows you to:

  • Save the book list to your computer (click the disk/”Save a Copy” icon).
  • Print the book list (click the printer icon).
  • Search the book list (click the binoculars/Search icon).

Click Here to View and Search the Book List (PDF)

Submit Your Resource Request Form

Before purchasing books, please complete the Resource Request Form (PDF) and send it to PRIDE for approval.

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