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Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment

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Volunteers bring to life “Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment.” Every year, thousands show their appreciation for the region’s natural beauty by volunteering to pick up litter.

Working together with friends, family and co-workers make the cleanups fast and fun. We all share the benefits of restoring the region’s natural beauty, including:

  • Improved quality of life.
  • Lower health risks.
  • Better recreation sites.
  • Economic growth through increased tourism, more retirees and new businesses.
  • More job opportunities.

To volunteer with PRIDE in your community, please call your local PRIDE Coordinator. That contact information can be found by clicking your county on our service are map.

Below are some volunteer opportunities to consider:

PRIDE Spring Cleanup Month – April

As the region’s beautiful scenery springs to life, PRIDE works with communities to create a clean, healthy environment for residents and visitors. In April, local PRIDE Coordinators recruit volunteers to pick up litter. They plan community wide events to target important public areas, such as a major road, downtown, or lake. They also work with individuals and groups on smaller cleanup projects. PRIDE provides cleanup supplies for PRIDE Coordinators to distribute to volunteers.

To learn more about PRIDE Spring Cleanup click here.

Roadside PRIDE Month – October

Roadside PRIDE is designed to reduce litter, just in time for scenic drives through the region’s gorgeous fall foliage. In October, cities and counties recruit volunteers and pick up trash. PRIDE provides cleanup supplies for PRIDE Coordinators to distribute to volunteers.

To learn more about Roadside PRIDE click here.

Local Stewardship Activities – Year-Round

Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups throughout the year include:

  • PRIDE Environmental Education Grant projects at local schools.
  • Community cleanup events, such as lake cleanups and river sweeps.
  • Adopting streams, roadways, neighborhoods, or tourist spots.
  • Monitoring and improving water quality.

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