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PRIDE honors Pulaski County Extension Homemakers

At the Pulaski County Extension Homemakers annual meeting Aug. 7, 2017, the group’s president, Sheilah Childers, and secretary, Denise Salter, secretary, accepted the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award from PRIDE’s Tammie Wilson.

The Pulaski County Extension Homemakers have earned the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award, which recognizes outstanding service within PRIDE’s 42-county service area in southern and eastern Kentucky.

The award was announced last night at the annual meeting of the Pulaski County Extension Homemakers.

Homemakers earned the award for their volunteer service during the annual PRIDE Clean Sweep of US 27, which was held in April 27, 2017. The homemakers served the free meal that was offered to the 1,000-plus volunteers who participated in the Clean Sweep by picking up trash along US 27 and other local roadways.

“I want to thank these ladies for the hospitality they showed to the Clean Sweep volunteers, and I hope they realize how important their service was to the people and environment of Pulaski County,” said PRIDE’s Tammie Wilson.

“The Clean Sweep is the largest event during our region-wide PRIDE Spring Cleanup Month, and it is critical preparation for our local tourism season and protection of our area’s natural beauty – all of which are so important to our quality of life here,” Wilson explained.

“The free lunch at the Clean Sweep shows appreciation to the huge number of volunteers who are needed to clean our community’s roads in just one day, and we could not have hosted that free lunch without the homemakers,” she said. “We were grateful for their friendly, helpful service.”

Wilson presented certificates to the homemakers who volunteered for the Clean Sweep. They were Jana Brown and Judy King of the Just Among Friends Club; Mary Ellis, Pamela Surber and Betty Waddle of the Hinklebells Club; Judy Garner of the Hopeful Club; Donna George, Denise Salter and Pat Sandlin of the Not So Pampered Chefs Club; Lola Hargis of the Moonlighters Club; Janice Harris, Ann Lay, Berness Whitmire and Michelle Shields of the Meadowlarks Club; Betty McDermott and Voni Pierce of the East Somerset Club; Emma Lois Peek of the Material Girls Club; Kathy Roberts of the Mail Box Club; and Edith Lovett, Pulaski County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent.

PRIDE, which stands for “Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment,” was founded in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5) and the late James Bickford, who was the Kentucky Secretary for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. The PRIDE mission is to contribute to the economic and cultural growth of southern and eastern Kentucky by improving water quality, cleaning up solid waste problems and advancing environmental education, in order to improve living conditions for its residents while enhancing the potential for tourism industry growth in the region.


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