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Shelby Valley National Honor Society earns PRIDE’s Volunteer of the Month Award

Pikeville, KY — Protecting the environment and working with others to advance environmental education is part of Eastern Kentucky PRIDE’s mission. The students of the Shelby Valley National Honor Society in Pikeville are embracing that mission through their community service efforts and PRIDE is pleased to present them with the Volunteer of the Month award for their hard work.

The Shelby Valley National Honor Society is involved in numerous community outreach projects. These projects include cleanups along Robinson Creek as well as hosting the “Valley Sweep” program, which removes litter from various Pike county roadways. They also take environmental education to the classroom for 4th and 5th graders helping to teach them the importance of taking responsibility for their environment and being good stewards.

“PRIDE is celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2017 and our theme is ‘A Generation of Change.’ It is students like these who truly help create that change,” said Tammie Wilson, President and CEO of PRIDE. “By not only picking up trash in their community, but by also going and working with younger students to teach them the importance of protecting our environment, these students are changing the mindset of people and having a positive impact on our region.“

Along with their litter abatement and educational efforts, the Shelby Valley National Honor Society has also planted trees and received grants for their recycling efforts. They are working hard in the community to make an impact and further environmental education.

For more information on PRIDE, the Volunteer of the Month Award, or to nominate someone for Volunteer of the Month go to www.kypride.org.


PRIDE, which stands for “Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment,” was founded in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5) and the late James Bickford, who was the Kentucky Secretary for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. The PRIDE mission is to contribute to the economic and cultural growth of southern and eastern Kentucky by improving water quality, cleaning up solid waste problems and advancing environmental education, in order to improve living conditions for its residents while enhancing the potential for tourism industry growth in the region.


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