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Cumberland Falls State Park Volunteer Earns PRIDE Award

Whitley City, KY — Pitching in to make a difference in our environment, that is what PRIDE’s Volunteer of the Month Award is all about. For five years McCreary County resident, Ernie Prewitt has given his time at Cumberland Falls State Park to help keep trails clean and create an inviting scene for visitors. For his efforts, PRIDE is proud to present the November Volunteer of the Month Award to Prewitt.pride-volunteer-of-the-month-award-to-ernie-prewitt-11-21-16-cfsrp1


“I can count on Ernie to do a great job every time he comes. He is always looking to help and has made a family out of the park,” said Cumberland Fall State Park’s Pamela Gibson. “He once told me his health had failed him and he promised himself if he could regain it he would give back to the land as much as he could so his healing would continue.”


Prewitt has been involved in numerous different capacities around the park. He began his work by picking up litter on the trails, but has gone on to help with building bridges, stone steps and fighting invasive species of plants in the park. He is known for his ability to encourage others to help with his passion and often brings friends and family members with him to help in his efforts. Prewitt has also been instrumental in helping with special needs young people who need a way to enjoy nature and gain some independence. He even helped with hikes specially designed for blind children. When asked why he is willing to give so much of his time volunteering, Prewitt replied, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”


“Ernie Prewitt is the perfect example of what our Volunteer of the Month Award is all about, “ said Tammie Wilson, PRIDE President and CEO. “He gives freely of his time and energy to make a difference in the environment and encourages others to do the same. I am honored to be able to present him with this award.”


For more information on PRIDE, the Volunteer of the Month Award, or to nominate someone for Volunteer of the Month go to www.kypride.org.


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