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Four Jackson County Schools win “Energy Oscars”

Energy Oscars - vote for your favorite energy efficiency video

On April 30, several Jackson County students enjoyed the “red-carpet treatment” at the Energy Oscars, which honored excellence in producing videos about the value of saving energy. Jackson Energy Cooperative and PRIDE unfurled the red carpet at the Jackson County Area Technology Center to premiere four videos that promote energy efficiency with great creativity and persuasiveness. […]

PRIDE Re-Energized: Conserving Energy and Saving Money

PRIDE Re-Energized

Are you paying more for gas and electricity? Energy costs are rising, and that trend will continue. Now is the time to re-think energy to save money. Big savings can add up from little changes — like unplugging your cell phone charger when not in use and changing your furnace filter monthly. You will save […]

How to conserve energy

Click here for more PRIDE Re-Energized information When you look into ways to use energy wisely, you likely will get a sense of how important conservation and efficiency are these days. From utilities to nonprofits to government agencies, programs abound to guide and assist you. Step 1: Call your utilities The best place to start […]

Why to conserve energy

Click here for more PRIDE Re-Energized information To Protect Our Environment Most of the nation’s energy — 83% of it in 2009 — comes from fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable resources. Using less now means these assets will be available further into the future. Burning fewer fossil fuels also means releasing fewer byproducts into […]

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