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Pine Mountain Settlement School earns PRIDE award

Pine Mountain Settlement School staff accepted the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award for their cleanup along Laden and Little Shepherd Trails. In the photo, from left to right, are: PMSS Executive Director Geoff Marietta, PRIDE President/CEO Tammie Wilson, William Field, Rod Botkins, Judy Lewis, Amanda Wiley, Joyce Scearse, Matt Rung and Riley Osborne. Volunteers who were unavailable at the time the photo was taken are: Susan Brown, Paul Creech, Mark Messer, David Shepherd and Justin Harris.

On Wednesday, March 30, Pine Mountain Settlement School received the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award, which recognizes an outstanding act of service performed in the 42-county region of southern and eastern Kentucky. The school’s staff earned the award by volunteering to clean up along Laden and Little Shepherd Trails on Feb. 5. […]

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