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Please Comment Before June 1

The National Park Service (NPS) is studying the suitability and feasibility of designating a part of southeastern Kentucky as The Kentucky Wildlands National Heritage Area (NHA). Congress authorized the study and will consider the findings when decidi

The Kentucky Wildlands National Heritage Area (map taken from National Public Service newsletter)

ng whether The Kentucky Wildlands should be named an NHA – which would benefit our region tremendously (scroll down).

The study includes a Public Comment period to learn if there is:

  1. A unique, nationally important story being told in the study area. (They want to hear your stories about your local culture, history, and landscape. For ideas about what makes our region unique and nationally important, scroll down or check The Kentucky Wildlands website, especially the Heritage & Culture page.)
  2. Widespread public support for NHA designation. (LOTS of comments will help our chances of becoming an NHA.)
  3. An organization has the financial and administrative capacity to coordinate management of the NHA. (PRIDE created The Kentucky Wildlands for this purpose, so we are ready to lead! See details in the “Poised to Lead” sidebar.)

Public comments are due by 11:59 pm MT on June 1.

For tips to answer the 6 questions on the Public Comment form, click here. To go directly to the Public Comment form, click here. To read about the study first, click here.

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