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The Kentucky Wildlands Hospitality Program is open for your business

Businesses can improve their customer service with free training through the The Kentucky Wildlands Hospitality Program.

“Elevate Your Service” is the theme of the certificate program. It is designed for any business that serves the public, such as restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

Two types of training classes are available. For front-line employees, the class will cover why and how to deliver excellent customer service. The manager class will delve deeper into infusing hospitality throughout the business.

“As our economy starts to return to normal, now is a great time to put your best foot forward to customers, and this training will help you do just that” said Tammie Nazario, who directs The Kentucky Wildlands, a regional marketing program by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc. “Good hospitality translates into repeat business and positive word-of-mouth and social media reviews.”

“This program is especially a good fit for tourism businesses, which are so critical to attracting dollars to the local economy and creating new jobs,” she added. “For Trail Towns, this program can fulfill your commitment to providing local hospitality training.”

To schedule a training, please call The Kentucky Wildlands office toll free at 888-577-4339.

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