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April is PRIDE Spring Cleanup Month

If you are tired of winter, then start planning to get outdoors during PRIDE Spring Cleanup Month in April.

Throughout April, southern and eastern Kentuckians are encouraged to volunteer to pick up litter throughout their communities. The annual Spring Cleanup is an opportunity to enjoy and care for this area’s natural beauty, which is a treasure for residents and attraction for tourists.

The annual PRIDE Spring Cleanup is hosted by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental cleanup and education, as well as economic development through tourism, in southern and eastern Kentucky. The 2022 PRIDE Spring Cleanup sponsors are Outdoor Venture Corporation and Fibrotex, USA.

“PRIDE is celebrating its 25th year of partnering with communities to keep our region’s majestic environment clean and healthy, so we are encouraging a large turnout of volunteers in every community,” said Tammie Nazario, PRIDE President and CEO.

“Since 1997, 445,827 people have volunteered with PRIDE, and more than 985,128 bags of trash and 972,103 old tires have been pulled from hillsides and waterways,” Nazario said. “Those are amazing numbers, but our region always needs one more volunteer ? you!”

“After you pick up litter, dispose of it with your own trash and then call your local PRIDE Coordinator. Your volunteer hours will be added to the city or county’s Spring Cleanup tally,” Nazario said.

PRIDE Coordinators are volunteers who are appointed by mayors and judge-executives. They work with the PRIDE staff to organize cleanup activities, recruit volunteers and track cleanup results.

PRIDE Coordinators now are preparing for Spring Cleanup Month. They will schedule cleanups and recruit volunteers to participate. They also will assist volunteers who want to plan their own cleanups.

Spring Cleanup Resources for PRIDE Coordinators

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