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Avoid creating microplastics … and 6 more resolutions for a Green 2016

#1: AVOID CREATING MICROPLASTICS: Massive amounts of tiny plastic fragments are ending up in our waterways and aquatic life. Scientists are sounding the alarm. How can you help? Avoid products that contain microbeads (cleansers, toothpaste, etc). Reduce, reuse and recycle plastics. (At the least, make sure they are in the trash, instead of blowing into waterways.) For a photo essay about microplastics in Chesapeake Bay, follow this link: http://www.chesapeakebay.net/blog/post/photo_essay_microplastics_in_the_chesapeake_bay

#2: SPEND MORE TIME OUTDOORS. Other people drive hours to walk, hike, boat, or ride in the scenery in our backyards. In 2016, let’s soak it all in. It will be good for our health and spirits, and it will stir our desire to be good stewards. Here’s a great place to start planning a trip outdoors: http://parks.ky.gov/

#3: UNPLUG. Phone chargers, TVs, printers and other “always on” devices drain energy even when not in use. To save time, plug all such devices into power strips that you can turn off. Or, try the new “smart plugs” that offer more control options. Check our “PRIDE Re-Energized” page for more cost-saving energy conservation tips and resources: http://kypride.org/?p=1335

#4: STOP JUNK MAIL. Gather the stack of junk you no longer want to receive. Go to this website: https://www.catalogchoice.org/ (It’s operated by a nonprofit.) Sign up for a free account. Enter info from the junk catalogs, credit card offers, telephone books, etc. The site will “opt out” for you, removing your name from those mailing lists. Within 90 days, you’ll have less junk mail … which is a headache for you and a drain on the environment.

#5: DON’T FLUSH …pills that is. Wastewater treatment plants aren’t designed to remove pharmaceutical contaminants, so they pass through to water resources and may impact human health and the environment. Ky. State Police Posts offer prescription drug take-back events periodically (1-800-882-9539). In the Fifth Congressional District, pills may be taken to Med Drop Boxes at these locations:  http://operationunite.org/investigations/med-drop-box-sites

#6: DO NOT BURN. In Ky. it’s never legal to burn household trash, other than uncoated paper products. That’s because many materials create toxic fumes and ash that are hazardous to the environment and humans — especially children, the elderly and people with existing health problems. To learn more, call 1-888-BURN-LAW.

#7: EDUCATE. Whether you’re a parent, scout leader or youth group leader, you can find free trainings to help you nurture good stewardship at the Environmental Education in Kentucky website. Don’t forget to challenge adults to go green, too. It’s never too late to teach an “old dog” a new trick! Watch this website for new activities: http://Eeinkentucky.org

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