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Spring Cleanup all season

Spring officially arrived March 20, ushering in the season of PRIDE Spring Cleanup in southern and eastern Kentucky.

“Everyone is anxious to be outside after a long, hard winter, and cleaning up your property and neighborhood is a great way to get outdoors,” said Tammie Wilson of PRIDE, the nonprofit organization that began the region’s tradition of an annual Spring Cleanup in 1998.

“In the past, we have targeted a week or two or even an entire month to conduct Spring Cleanup activities, but this year we aren’t setting those limits,” Wilson explained. “We encourage volunteers to begin cleaning their neighborhoods as soon as the weather permits, and we plan to work with elected officials later in the spring to fund community-wide cleanup events.”

“PRIDE is all about appreciating the beauty of our region and taking personal responsibility for your corner of it,” Wilson said. “When you look at it that way, you realize that spring cleaning outside your house or business or church is just as important as spring cleaning inside.”

“It’s an exciting time to be in southern and eastern Kentucky, and we need to rally the troops for another record-breaking PRIDE Spring Cleanup campaign,” said Congressman Hal Rogers, who co-founded PRIDE in 1997. “There is a renewed spirit of unity and vigor moving across the region as we work together in Shaping Our Appalachian Region. A vital part of the SOAR initiative is restoring pride in what we have to offer, and the cleanup campaign is a great example of the success we can achieve moving forward.”

PRIDE will provide trash bags and gloves to volunteers who want to pick up litter and dispose of it with their own trash. For assistance, please call the PRIDE office, toll free, at 888-577-4339.

Volunteers are encouraged to contact their local PRIDE Coordinator after they pick up litter and dispose of it with their trash. The coordinator will add the volunteer hours to the city or county’s Spring Cleanup tally. PRIDE will recognize the region’s cities and counties with the most Spring Cleanup volunteers.

To find your PRIDE Coordinator, click your county on the map at http://kypride.org/service-area.

For PRIDE Spring Cleanup resources, click here: http://kypride.org/programs/spring-cleanup/.



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