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Buy a rain barrel: save water, save money, fund education

Rain barrel made by North Laurel Middle School students

Rain barrel made by North Laurel Middle School students


You can save water and money with a custom-made rain barrel, thanks to our partnership with PRIDE Clubs.

PRIDE Clubs assemble the barrels and paint them with environmental themes with assistance from their art teachers. PRIDE provides the materials and sells the rain barrels. (Unpainted rain barrels and unassembled barrels also are available for sale.)

Proceeds will benefit our environmental education programs, with 10% of sales going directly to the participating PRIDE Clubs.

Your purchase will fulfill two PRIDE’s goals at the same time: improving water quality and promoting environmental education.

We thank North Laurel Middle School PRIDE Club for creating our current batch of rain barrels.


Hand-painted, fully assembled 35-gallon rain barrel:  $100

Unpainted (white), fully assembled rain barrel:

  • 35 gallon:  $50
  • 55 gallon:  $65

Unpainted (white) barrel, unassembled and no parts:

  • 35 gallon:  $14
  • 55 gallon:  $20

Why you need a rain barrel

Rain barrels capture and store water from downspouts. They make sense for anyone who wants to save money, help the environment or store water for outdoor use.

Rain barrels help the environment by reducing rainwater runoff. Runoff can cause flooding and carry pollutants, such as automotive fluids and fertilizer.

PRIDE rain barrels have faucets, which make them ideal for watering flowers, gardens and lawns. This can be especially handy during dry summer months if there are water restrictions.

Watering from a rain barrel will reduce your water usage — and save you money. Consider that watering lawns and gardens accounts for nearly 40 percent of total household water use during the summer, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

How to buy your PRIDE rain barrel

Click here to view the rain barrels available now. To order one, please call us, toll free, at 888.577.4339.


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