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Tina Webb of Van Lear is region’s top PRIDE volunteer

PRIDE Volunteer of the Month February 2013

Tina Webb accepted the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award from PRIDE’s Mark Davis (right). They were joined by Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price (left), who nominated Webb for the award. Photo by the Paintsville Herald.

In honor of her dedication to the community of Van Lear, Johnson County’s Tina Webb has been named southern and eastern Kentucky’s PRIDE Volunteer of the Month for February 2013.

“Van Lear has made a name for itself over the years for its community pride, especially for its volunteer cleanup efforts, and we thank Ms. Webb for the role she has played,” said Mark Davis of PRIDE, who presented the award to Webb on Jan. 29 at the Johnson County Sherriff’s Office.

“She gives freely of her time and energy to make sure the Van Lear Historical Museum is funded and open to visitors, and it is a centerpiece for this close-knit community,” Davis said. “If we all followed her example and volunteered to support projects that are important to us, what a difference we would make.”

“For about 15 years now, the Van Lear community has organized PRIDE cleanups every April and October, with 20 to 25 volunteers picking up litter at each event,” Davis said. “In addition to Ms. Webb, I want to be sure to thank all the other volunteers who have made the PRIDE cleanups so successful in Van Lear, such as the McCoart family.”

“Each cleanup has collected over 100 bags of trash on average, so you can picture the visible difference made here by volunteers,” Davis added.

“The PRIDE Cleanup means a lot to Tina as it is a reflection of her community,” said Johnson County Sherriff Dwayne Price, who nominated Webb for the PRIDE award. “She will tell you that thousands of tourists come to Van Lear each year to see Loretta Lynn’s Homeplace and the museum, and she feels that someone has to be willing to ensure the PRIDE pick-up happens.”

“Tina is a year-round, full-time volunteer,” Price added. “Her goal is to ensure the museum remains open year round and search out funding to maintain the museum.”

“Tina doesn’t seek recognition, but she deserves a thank you whether she thinks so or not,” Price said.

Price said that Webb manages the day-to-day operations of the Van Lear Historical Museum and the attached store, which is called Icky’s. She works with tour groups and provides meals to those touring the museum. She organizes, facilitates and participates in several fundraising activities for the museum throughout the year, including the Haunted Museum, Breakfast with Santa, Chili Cook-Off and Van Lear Days.

The PRIDE Volunteer of the Month program recognizes hard work and dedication to the PRIDE initiative, which promotes environmental education and cleanup efforts in 42 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky. With corporate sponsorship from TECO Coal, WYMT-TV airs commercials about each PRIDE Volunteer of the Month.

“Volunteers are the backbone of PRIDE,” said Congressman Hal Rogers, who co-founded PRIDE. “We wouldn’t be where we are without our volunteers. More than 380,000 volunteers have helped with PRIDE cleanup and education projects. We want to thank TECO Coal for helping PRIDE give these generous people the recognition they deserve.”

“Please tell us about PRIDE volunteers who impressed you, so we can thank them,” Davis said. “Please call us, toll free, at 888-577-4339, or please go online to submit a nomination for the PRIDE Volunteer of the Month Award.”




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