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Pine Knot Intermediate promotes PRIDE with video

Pine Knot Intermediary School art teacher Page Bryant and students Erin Wilson and Lindsey Jones
Art teacher Page Bryant and students Erin Wilson and Lindsey Jones accepted Pine Knot Intermediate School’s PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month Award on Nov. 27, 2012.

Pine Knot Intermediate School PRIDE Club earned southern and eastern Kentucky’s PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month Award.

The club created a video to encourage all students at the school to participate in the region-wide PRIDE Club Contest to design the 2013 PRIDE Spring Cleanup T-shirt.

The video featured sixth-grade students Erin Wilson and Lyndsey Jones explaining the purpose of the contest, inviting students to enter and giving tips for crafting a winning T-shirt design. Art teacher Page Bryant edited the video, which can be viewed at http://youtu.be/CpyjjAoAbV4.

“The video was a creative way to promote the contest, which challenges students to communicate the value of volunteering to take care of the environment,” said Jennifer Johnson of PRIDE, the nonprofit organization that presented the award as part of its mission to promote environmental education the region.

“The PRIDE program is important for our schools and community,” Bryant explained. “Since McCreary County is mostly National Forest, we are a beautiful, scenic area and a prime spot for tourism. Getting kids educated in recycling and taking care of our land and waterways is a vital component for the future of our county.”

Bryant developed the video to answer students’ questions about the contest and to encourage them to participate in a way that they would enjoy. She received positive feedback from students and teachers, and she commended Jones and Wilson for their performances.

“This video helped to pique the students’ interest in the art contest while producing more and higher quality entries,” Bryant said. “We showed it in all the classrooms at least once and kept it rolling on the TVs in the hall. Ideas and entries began to pour in. It was amazing to see how many kids participated this time.”

“As a result of the video, 82 Pine Knot Intermediate students entered the contest this year, compared to zero entries last year and 12 entries in 2010,” Johnson said.

“We received a total of 1,525 contest entries from students across the region, and we’ll announce the contest winner in early 2013,” Johnson added.

The PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month Award rewards creative, effective ways of promoting environmental awareness and stewardship. PRIDE presents one award each month to a school within the 42 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky.



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