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Goose Rock Elementary PRIDE Club promotes energy conservation

Ms Amanda Robinson's class

Ms. Amanda Robinson's class was the upper-grade winner of the Goose Rock Elementary School PRIDE Club's contest to decorate classroom doors to promote energy conservation

For inspiring students to think about energy efficiency, the Goose Rock Elementary School PRIDE Club in Clay County earned southern and eastern Kentucky’s PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month Award.

The PRIDE Club, which explores environmental issues and performs community service, organized a contest to decorate classroom doors with energy-conservation themes.

The club named a primary-grade winner and an upper-grade winner. The winners were Ms. Marsha Robertson’s class and Ms. Amanda Robinson’s class.

“We wanted to see evidence of student participation, and, of course, ways to promote energy efficiency,” explained Emily Jackson, the teacher who sponsors the PRIDE Club.

“I commend the PRIDE Club members and Ms. Jackson for

Goose Rock Elementary School - Marsha Robertson's class

Ms. Marsha Robertson's class was the primary-grade winner of the Goose Rock Elementary School PRIDE Club's contest to decorate classroom doors to promote energy conservation

organizing this contest,” said PRIDE’s Mark Davis, who presented the award at the school on Jan. 27.

“The students learned about energy efficiency, and then they had fun decorating the doors and competing with other classes,” Davis said. “Because they enjoyed the lesson, they are more likely to remember the message and share it with others.”

“Energy costs are a hot topic now for schools and for families, so this was a timely project,” Davis added. “For Kentucky’s K-12 public schools, energy costs almost doubled from 2009/2010 to 2010/2011. Using energy wisely is obviously important.”

Goose Rock Elementary School received a $1,500 PRIDE grant to implement an energy conservation project based on findings of an energy audit conducted as part of the state’s Green and Healthy School program.

The PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month program rewards creative, effective ways of promoting environmental awareness and stewardship.

“We give awards to thank people and to showcase the great things going on in our region, so please contact us if you want to nominate a person, school, business or organization that is helping our environment or inspiring others to care for nature,” Davis said. “Our toll-free number is 888-577-4339, or you can contact us through our web site.”

To submit a nomination form, visit the nominate site.

Learn more about why and how to conserve energy at PRIDE’s energy conservation web site, “PRIDE Re-Energized.”


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