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Why to conserve energy

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To Protect Our Environment

Most of the nation’s energy — 83% of it in 2009 — comes from fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable resources. Using less now means these assets will be available further into the future. Burning fewer fossil fuels also means releasing fewer byproducts into the environment.

It is time to be proactive in our homes and businesses by implementing conservation practices and using energy-efficient products. You also can help by choosing alternative energy sources, such as Touchstone Energy’s EnviroWatts program.

To Downsize Our Demand

Using energy wisely is cheaper, easier and more environmentally responsible than cranking out more energy. Building new power plants has become very expensive, with few new plants planned.

Kentucky’s goal is to offset 18% of the state’s energy demand by 2025 with energy efficiency, according to Intelligent Energy Choices for Kentucky’s Future, the state’s strategic plan for energy.

Kentucky’s energy demand could stand a good trim, it turns out. Kentuckians tend to consume more energy than other Americans due to our historically low electricity rates — which were the third lowest residential rates in the nation as of June 2011.

To Save Your Money

You are paying more for energy these days. From the gas pump to your electric bill, you can feel the pinch of a worldwide increase in energy costs.

What’s going on? The sources of our energy — primarily coal, natural gas and petroleum — are more expensive, driven by trends like rising global energy demand. Generating electricity is more expensive, too, with higher fuel, operation and construction costs.

The bottom line? Everyone is paying more for energy, and that is expected to continue.

To Grow Our Economy

If you spend less on energy at home, you will have more money to save, invest or spend elsewhere. That holds true for businesses, schools and governments, too. It all adds up to a boost to our economy.

When you choose energy efficiency and renewable energy, you are supporting those industries. Their success means more jobs and greater tax revenues.

By conserving, you do your part to hold down prices and keep our electric rates attractive to businesses.

To Promote Energy Independence

Relying less on foreign energy sources may contribute to the stability of our energy prices and supply, as well as national security. If you want U.S. energy independence, conservation is a good place to start.

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