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Wetlands: Funds available to build at schools and on private land


Wetland at school

Sheltowee Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC) has funding available to help establish wetlands at schools and on private lands in Kentucky. SEEC is a nonprofit 501(c) organization that receives funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program. The primary purpose of this program is to restore wetlands that will provide habitat for rare animal and plant species, and to provide for outdoor education.

Schools and private landowners that are interested in participating in the SEEC Wetland Program should contact Tom Biebighauser (mailto://tombiebighauser@fs.fed.us) to arrange a site visit. Tom will examine the property with teacher, principal or landowner to identify possible wetland projects. A report and budget will be prepared that identifies the steps needed to complete the work, and the amount of financial support SEEC can provide.

Individuals who are interested in the program are encouraged to view the photo album Tom Biebighauser has prepared showing wetlands at schools: https://picasaweb.google.com/105985116543820569589/SchoolWetlands#.

In addition, the web site for the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration (http://www.wetlandsandstreamrestoration.org/) contains many helpful publications about wetlands and wetland restoration.

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