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Region’s wetland projects featured in “Wetland Restoration and Construction: A Technical Guide”

Wetland Restoration and Construction: A Technical Guide

"Wetland Restoration and Construction: A Technical Guide," by Tom Biebighauser

Tom Biebighauser has published a new book, Wetland Restoration and Construction-A Technical Guide. The volume contains over 650 color photographs and drawings that are designed to help individuals build naturally appearing and functioning wetlands. Practical, low cost, and highly effective techniques are described that are based on his experiences establishing over 1,400 wetlands in 18-States and two Canadian Provinces.

The chapters clearly explain how to select suitable locations for building wetlands, the best techniques to use, what types of heavy equipment are needed, and how to oversee construction and planting. Of special interest to natural resource managers are the pages showing how wetlands can be designed to benefit specific amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Other sections describe how wetlands can be built at schools, on mined areas, from old roads, and how failed wetlands can be repaired.
The attractive 186-page publication is the result of a partnership between The Wetland Trust, Upper Susquehanna Coalition, Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), and the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration.

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