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April 2011: North Laurel Middle

North Laurel Middle

North Laurel Middle

The North Laurel Middle School PRIDE Club earned an award for assisting PRIDE to establish a fundraising program for environmental education in southern and eastern Kentucky.

PRIDE recently began selling 35-gallon rain barrels, which capture and store water from downspouts. All proceeds will go to PRIDE environmental education programs across the region, with 10 percent of the funds going directly to the schools that create the rain barrels using materials provided by PRIDE.

The NLMS PRIDE Club was the first in the region to assemble and hand paint rain barrels with environmental themes. Jason Fee, the NLMS art teacher, instructed and supervised the students during art classes to complete the rain barrels.

“Because you did such a great job building and decorating the first set of rain barrels, the response to this new fundraiser has been amazing,” said PRIDE’s Mark Davis, who presented a plaque to the PRIDE Club last Friday.

“We unveiled your rain barrels at an Earth Day Celebration at Somerset Community College, and people loved them,” Davis said. “They sold so fast, we are excited now about how successful this program will be.”

“I thank you for all your help, and I am pleased to present you with this plaque for the PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month Award,” Davis said.

“This project has benefited our students by showing them different ways to help the environment,” said Shannon Ball, who co-sponsors the NLMS PRIDE Club with Mike Bowling. “Our students are excited about conserving water in beautiful ways.”

Rain barrels conserve water by storing rainwater to be used for outdoor projects, such as watering gardens and washing cars. They also reduce rainwater runoff, which can cause flooding and carry pollutants, including automotive fluids and fertilizer.

“Rain barrels also save money by cutting down on water bills,” Davis added.

To buy a PRIDE rain barrel, please call the PRIDE office, toll free, at 888-577-4339, or visit www.kypride.org. (link to www.kypride.org)

PRIDE is a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental cleanup and education efforts in 38 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky.

The PRIDE Environmental Education Project of the Month program rewards creative, effective ways of promoting environment awareness and stewardship.

“We give awards to thank people and to showcase the great things going on in our region, so please contact us if you want to nominate a person, school, business or organization that is helping our environment or inspiring others to care for nature,” Davis said. “Our toll-free number is 888-577-4339, and our e-mail address is PRIDE@centertech.com.”

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